The Museum of the Creative Process is grounded upon a collaboration of activists and scholars, artists, scientists, academics, and religious leaders. The following is a list of the current leaders of this growing projects.


The Museum of the Creative Process is led by Albert Levis, MD. Albert, a native of Athens, Greece has been a practicing psychiatrist for more than forty years. Trained at the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne, the University of Chicago, and at Yale, Albert is the author of many books and articles, including The Formal Theory of Behavior, Conflict Analysis Training, and Science Stealing the Fire of the Gods. Before retiring to Manchester, Vermont, Albert directed the Center for the Study of Normative Behavior in Hamden, Connecticut. Albert continues to lecture throughout the region and lead workshops at the Museum campus. You can reach Albert directly at

Research Director:

Maxwell Levis, Albert’s youngest son, leads the internship program and current research initiatives. A graduate of Columbia and Harvard Universities, Maxwell is completing his PhD at Boston University, where he is studying relational psycho-assessment. You can reach Maxwell directly at

Media Director:

Mark Puryear is the chief organizer of the Museum’s exhibit and conference events. He has an extensive background in advertising and public policy and served on numerous non-for-profit boards throughout the New England region. You can reach Mark directly at

Arts Associate and Editor:

Kevin Metcalfe