Workshops and Training

The Museum of the Creative Process offers a selection of workshops and training opportunities, including the Creativity for Self Discovery program, the Power Management Program, and the Psycho-Education Program.

The Creativity for Self Discovery Program welcomes a general audience interested in furthering self-knowledge and strengthening their own skills of conflict resolution. The program is designed as a weekend workshop filled with art, analysis, and creative exploration. The program begins with an array of personal creativity exercises followed by a study of broad patterns within creativity.

The Psycho-Education Program restructures the concept of therapy, replacing the roles of therapist and patient, and instead focuses on self-learning and personal growth. The program takes place over two weekends.

The Power Management Program is a targeted program for educators, clinicians, and counselors, offering direct training in the Formal Theoretical Method. Learn the skills of emotional education, how to interpret and understand creativity, and how to lead your patients to insight and mastery. The Power Management Program is a one week program, with optional additional training.

Join us for insight, learning, and renewal. Discover your relational patterns, improve your ability to manage stress, and master the skills of conflict resolution. Country luxury lodging is available at the Wilburton Inn with local organic cuisine grown and prepared by our partner project, Earth Sky Time Farm.